Thursday, June 16, 2011

I cleanse and purge – June 16, 2011 – Vision about the Bride

My children, very few pay attention to what I am busy doing. I am busy cleansing and purging My Bride. She will be holy, pure, unblemished, without spot and wrinkle at My coming. I change not, I am holy and without holiness no one will see or enter into Heaven.

My children, ask Me to search your heart and to cleanse and purge you from everything that is not pleasing to Me. Do not assume that you are pleasing to Me when you are not. You will only have yourself to blame. I force no one. I expose all the things in every one of My children that are not pleasing to Me, so that they can repent, get rid of it while there is still time. I transform My children more and more into My likeness so that they can be perfect for I am perfect.

My children, do not reject My cleansing and purging process, then you will not be worthy to be My Bride. Surrender and submit to Me and you will not be the same person you use to be. You will come forth refined like silver and pure gold. You will not be disappointed but pleased. Be glad when I want to cleanse and purge you to become more like Me. Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord is pleasing to Me. Make sure while you still have the time and opportunity and let Me cleanse and purge you from all the things that are not pleasing to Me.

My children, seek to be cleansed and purged so that you will be holy, pure, unblemished without spot and wrinkle and keep yourself white as snow and do not get soiled again. You do not know when it will be your last hour. Will you be ready and be found worthy to enter into Heaven?

I received a vision:
I saw a beautiful Bride, clothed in a beautiful white robe without any spot and wrinkle on her dress. She was ready, standing with her hands stretched out towards heaven, waiting in expectation on her Bridegroom. She looked peaceful and very happy.

The Lord said: “That is how I want My Bride to be in this hour.”

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