Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Bride – June 05, 2011

Who is really My Bride? Many just profess to be Mine, but they are not part of My true Bride. They do not really love Me that is why they still fornicate with the world and think that it is acceptable to Me.

Are you My Bride? Are you pleasing to Me? When last did I reveal to you that you are My Bride and that I am pleased with you? Do not assume, that can be fatal. For many I was their first love until they strayed, started to fornicate with the world again. They think that I still approve of them, I do not. Many will find out, when it will be too late. I change not, I am holy and My Bride will love Me above everybody and everything. She will be pure, holy, unblemished without spot and wrinkle, not a fornicator who polluted herself again.

My true Bride will be seen and known to all. She is totally different from the fake Bride, who pretend to be Mine but she is not. Her love for the world has separated her from being part of My true Bride. I will come for a Bride which has prepared herself for Me and who will be ready in that day, not a fornicator, she will be left behind.

Will you be ready, when the call goes out: There comes the Bridegroom, go out to meet Him? Will you be ready and found worthy on that day? I know, ask Me if I am pleased with you to be part of My true Bride. Never assume, make sure with Me. Be ready all the time and stay ready, then you will not be disappointed in that day.

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