Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pleasing to Me – June 07, 2011

My children, I am the only One who is able to throw into hell and no one else. I am the righteous Judge. Fear Me and seek to be pleasing to Me, by doing My will, not that of others or your own will. Surrender all to Me and let Me have My way. My ways are not your ways and My time is not your time. I am in control. Believe and trust Me, that is pleasing to Me, do not doubt Me. Live by faith not by sight. Do as I want you to do for My Kingdom. I am always with you, without Me you can do nothing. You can only do what is pleasing to Me if you follow My guidance.

My children, allow Me to increase in you, to become more visible, so that My Light will shine more in and through you and will draw others to Me. I am the Light of the world but many refuse the Light because they love darkness more than Me. They are not pleasing to Me, some think they are.

Do not look at others, you must be pleasing to Me all the time. I will hold you accountable for your own deeds. Seek to be pleasing to Me, to do My will in My Kingdom. If you try to please men you will compromise the truth for their acceptance and that is unacceptable for Me.

Many were once pleasing Me but they became pleasers of men. They think that I am pleased with them, but I am not. They will find out too late, not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord will enter into Heaven, only those who obey Me and do the will of My Father. Make sure today that you are pleasing to Me. That is all that will matter at the end. Are you pleasing to Me?

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