Monday, June 13, 2011

You must be blameless – June 13, 2011

My children, you must be totally different from the rest of the world, always be blameless before Me and men, stay blameless. Men will always find something to accuse you of. Seek to be blameless in everything that you say and do, you represent Me on this earth, My truth warriors and Light carriers. Walk in truth and righteousness, be without flaw amongst this wicked and perverse generation. Let your yes be yes and your no be no, do not compromise for the acceptance of anyone.

My children, when you walk blameless before Me and men, you will not be accepted by the world. You will be hated and persecuted for the sake of My Name and My Kingdom, they will even kill some of you. Many do not want to walk blamelessly because they love the things of the world and their wickedness more than Me. They do not seek Me, the Light of the world because of their evil deeds. I know who are blameless before Me. Nothing can be hidden from Me, I know every thought. If you are blameless, you will also be pure and holy, pleasing to Me.

My children, take heed and be on the alert all the time, your enemy the devil is seeking whom he can destroy. He knows his time is running out. He is watching you to accuse you. Give him no reason and no foothold. He will try everything possible and use anybody against you. Watch and pray all the time. Keep yourself unblemished, without any spot and wrinkle. You must be blameless and stay blameless until the end.

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