Thursday, June 2, 2011

You must wait – June 02, 2011

My children, those who wait on Me, I will renew your strength and refresh you. You will hear My voice and will receive new revelation from Me. I will reveal Myself to you and tell you new and hidden things that no one knows. I am faithful to those who are serious, who diligently seek Me and who are willing to wait on Me, no matter how long they have to wait.

Those who wait on Me patiently, will receive their assignments from Me and will be able to fulfill their Kingdom purpose. I have a plan and purpose for everyone who is willing to wait on Me, to receive from Me. Many are running around, doing their own things, not Mine and they think I must follow them and approve of them. I will not. I am in control. I guide and you must wait on Me, follow My guidance every step of the way to be pleasing to Me. Yield to My Spirit who will guide you into all truth and you will never be in darkness or be deceived.

My children, do not get anxious when things do not work out the way that you thought it would, be in peace and wait on My guidance patiently. I will not fail you but I will test you to see if you are willing to wait on Me to get guidance from Me, or walk away and inquire of men because you are not willing to be patient enough to wait on Me. My time is not your time. I hear and see everything. I will answer at My time. You must learn to wait on Me. There is a time for everything and things will come in fulfillment at My time. Hope does not disappoint, wait until I fulfill My promises. I do not need your help. I am able to do the impossible if you are willing to wait on Me. I am no man that I will lie. If you trust Me, you will also wait patiently and not start to doubt Me. I am faithful to those who wait on Me. Are you willing to wait on Me?

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