Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Head but many members – August 28, 2011

Each one of My children is a member of one Body of which I am the Head. There is only One Head but many members of the same Body. I am the Head of the Body and each member has a different function to fulfill because you are unique and chosen by Me for a specific task. You do not choose, I decide which member will fulfill each function of the Body because I am the Head. Many do not belong to the Body because they do not want to submit to Me, the Head, to receive their assignments and instructions from Me alone. I am in control of the Body and no one else. The members cannot function properly if they do not obey Me and do as I command. Some want to be the Head, but I am the Head and no one else. You can only be pleasing to Me if you obey and follow Me.

Are you part of the Body? Do you listen to Me, the Head and receive your instructions from Me, through My Spirit? Only those who are led by My Spirit, they are part of the Body and will function properly with the other members to work in unity. There cannot be unity in the Body if the members do not all submit to Me, the Head to instruct and guide them.

My child, you must seek to do your part in the Body and seek to be pleasing to Me, the Head. Do not look at the other members of the Body. Find out from Me, seek to do your part and do what I require, so that the Body can function properly. Without Me, the Head, you can do nothing. If one part suffers then the whole Body suffers. Submit to Me, follow My instructions. I seek unity in the Body of which I am the Only Head, each member must do their part in obedience to Me.

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