Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Be bold and do not compromise – September 04, 2012

My children, you must be bold and do not compromise the truth for the acceptance of anyone. I must approve of you and no one else. All that matters is that you obey Me and do My will in My Kingdom as My Spirit guides and leads you every day. I will be the righteous Judge and will judge each one according to his own deeds. Do not look at others, make sure that I am pleased with your own deeds and that you are doing My will and not that of yourself or others. You can only be pleasing to Me if you do My will, listen and obey My Spirit who will guide you to do My will. Without My Spirit you can do nothing. My Spirit will guide you into all truth.

Many started good, they were bold and did not compromise the truth but now they are compromisers and people pleasers. They seek for the approval of men, they want to be popular, therefore they compromised the truth for lies to be accepted by others and they think that I am pleased with them, I am not. I change not. I am holy and I do not change. Without holiness no one will see Me. You must also be holy, pure and live a holy godly life among a wicked generation. You must be different, light in darkness and not darkness yourself. Many have become darkness themselves, the light in them is darkness and not light because they have compromised the truth for lies. They are deceived and in darkness and they must repent and be light again and not darkness or I will remove their lamp stand. Judgment will start at My house with My children first. That is why I warn My children out of love and because I care. You must be bold and not compromise the truth for lies. Only the truth sets free not lies.

My children, the enemy knows his time is running out and he is seeking whom he can destroy, do not fall prey to him. He wants you to compromise the truth for his lies to be accepted by men to become unfaithful to Me and My Kingdom. If you do not compromise you will pay a price. You will be hated, persecuted and some killed for My Name and My Kingdom. Do not fear and do not deny Me or I will also deny you. Be bold and do not compromise the truth for lies. Your reward is with Me. I will not fail those who stay bold and do not compromise. I am with you and in full control. Listen, obey and follow the guidance and leading of My Spirit every step of the way. Continue to do My will according to My purpose for you. Be bold and do not compromise.

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