Sunday, September 30, 2012

Examine – September 30, 2012

My children, do not look at others but come and let Me examine you and search your heart to see if there is anything in you that is not pleasing to Me. Do not assume that you are in right standing with Me, when you are not. There is no favoritism or partiality with Me. I am the righteous Judge. When last did I tell you that I am pleased with you, that I approve of you? Make sure with Me while you have the opportunity now and do not assume. I know and I will reveal it to you. It is time to let Me examine, test and try you. You must be serious.

Examine yourself also. You must be blameless, holy and pure in heart. Only the pure in heart will see Me. I am holy and I do not change. You must also be holy. You must be unblemished, without spot or wrinkle. You must be different from the rest of the world, separated, not the same anymore. You must be righteous and not wicked yourself. You must be light and your light must shine for those in darkness to see that there is light. Do not be darkness yourself. Examine your own heart.

My children, I am able to change you more into My likeness, but you must be willing to be changed. I force no one but I change those who want to. I know every heart. Many are not willing to let Me examine and search them. They do not want to change because they are not serious. They despise My discipline, when I reprove them for their own good. I do it all out of love and because I care. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. Am I pleased with you today? Have I examined your heart and do I approve of you? 

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