Friday, September 7, 2012

My Way and the other way – September 07, 2012

My children, do not be deceived. There is only My Way, the narrow and difficult way to Heaven and I guide and lead you by My Spirit until the end to reach your destiny or the other way, the easy broad way of the world that leads to hell. There is no other way. You either follow Me on My Way or you follow satan on the broad way to destruction. You either belong to My everlasting Kingdom or the kingdom of satan which is of this world. Those who love the world and its pleasures more than Me they are on the wrong way to destruction, they must turn and follow Me on the narrow Way. It is not My will that anyone perish but if you stay on the wrong way, it is your choice and you will bear the consequences in the end. The road that you are on right now, might just lead and let you end up in the wrong destiny.

You can make sure while you are still alive, do not assume or take a chance. You do not know how much time you have left. It might be your last day today. Will you be ready? Are you on the right Way to be able to enter into the right destiny today through the Narrow Door because tomorrow might be too late or might never come. Make sure now, on which Way you are at this moment? Let Me confirm it to you, you do not want to be disappointed.

Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord will enter into Heaven but only those who do the will of The Father, that which is pleasing to Me. I will say to many in that day who thought they were on the right way: Go away I never knew you, you who work iniquity. What will I say to you? You can make sure now, do not harden your hart and let this opportunity to pass you. Now is the time to make sure that you are obeying and following Me on the right Way, My Way. I am in full control and My Spirit will guide and lead you every step of the narrow Way so that you will be able to do My will and reach your destiny in the end, successfully and gloriously. You must stay on My Way and not the broad way that leads to destruction.

Many will die in these last days and will reach the wrong destiny because they were on the wrong way. I warn out of love and because I care that is why you must take heed and do something about it. Do not only be hearers and not doers of My warnings. Those who listen will live but those who refuse will perish.  Get on the right Way now before it might be too late. I am the only Way the Truth and the Life. Seek Me and you will find Me. Obey and follow Me, My Way until the end and you will be with Me forever.

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