Sunday, September 9, 2012

No limit - September 09, 2012

My children, many limit Me because they do not know Me for who I really am and what I am able to do. I am who I said I am, the Almighty and I do not change. I am able to do the impossible in all circumstances, there are no limitations with Me. Is anything too hard for Me to do? Many limit Me because of their own shortcomings and limitations. It is because they do not really believe and trust Me. Many doubt Me therefore they do not receive because they do not ask from Me. I know every heart, nothing can be hidden from Me. I know all your thoughts also. Do not limit Me, there are no limits or boundaries for Me. I do as I wish. I am in full control and I Reign. I know the end from the beginning and that is why I can reveal new and hidden things beforehand. What is anyone able to hide from Me?

My children, many try to hinder My work because they are limited and they think I am also limited by their own understanding and limitations. They do not know Me fully. Do not try to limit or hinder Me when I want to work in and through you to accomplish My will. Do not limit yourself also. Make yourself available and be willing to do according to My will. I will not ask of you to do what I know you are not able to. I prepare and equip each one of you for My purpose. Submit to Me totally and let Me be in control. Listen and obey My Spirit and do as My Spirit guides and leads you.  Do not grieve My Spirit but yield and cooperate with My Spirit. I give assignments and instructions to each one because I know best, what My plans are. Without My Spirit you can do nothing. Do not limit My Spirit, I give My Spirit to each one without limit. It is not by might or by power but by the power of My Spirit that you will be able to do My will, all for My glory.

My children, you must also pray and plead for mercy for souls to be spared and saved in this time. Do not limit Me, I am able to do the impossible, if you pray, intercede for souls. There is no limit to what I can do. Pray without ceasing.

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