Thursday, September 27, 2012

No one can hide – September 27, 2012

My children, many are foolish, they think that they can hide things from Me. They think that I do not see and hear them all the time. You can only hide things from each other but not from Me, do not be foolish. I know every heart, all motives and even all your thoughts. Nothing is hidden from Me. My eyes are on all of you, the righteous and the wicked. Do not be deceived and think that you are able to hide anything from Me. It is because you do not know Me and do not fear Me for who I am. You are ever before Me, day and night, all the time. I never slumber nor sleep and darkness is light to Me so I can see even in the darkness. Do not try to hide anything from Me. Rather bring it to the light, expose it and let it be in the light and do not try to hide any darkness or I will expose it. No hidden sins can be hidden from Me. I see and hear everything. I will be the righteous Judge who will judge each one righteously because I know the intentions of every heart. All your deeds are ever before Me. That is why you must always be blameless, upright and pure in heart. Only the pure in heart will see Me. I am holy and I do not change. You must also be holy. You must be light in darkness.

My children, do not try to hide My light in you. My Light must shine in and through you, so that those who are still in darkness can see that there is light, all is not darkness. It must draw them to Me the Light of the world. Do not be darkness yourself. Those who are darkness themselves, their deeds are evil that is why they try to hide, they want to be invisible and blend in with the rest of the world, they are deceived and in darkness. You might think that I am pleased with you but I am not. Repent and expose all darkness and let My Light penetrate you, let My Light increase and not decrease in you.  Let others see that you are light and not darkness in this world that is full of darkness. No one who is full of My light can hide it. Do you shine or do you hide My Light? No one can hide from Me.

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