Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Full of deception - October 23, 2012

My children, this world is full of deception and you are in the midst of it because many love lies more than truth. They do not seek for truth they just accept everything that they see and hear for truth. If you want truth you will seek for it and will not find it from anyone else but from Me. I am the Truth, the only Way, the Life Giver and the Light of the world. There is none like Me and will never be. My Spirit of Truth will guide you into all truth and will expose all deception to you. Few are led by My Spirit of truth, that is why many are in deception. Some do not even realize that they are in deception. That is why I warn, take heed, listen and obey My Spirit of Truth only. Do not believe and trust everything that you see and hear for truth, much is deception. The enemy appears also as an angel of light, do not be deceived. He has deceived many and will deceive many more, that is why you must only listen to and follow My Spirit of Truth who will warn you of deception and guide you into all truth. Be awake, watch and pray all the time so that you will not fall prey to the enemy and all his wiles.

My children, you must seek the truth for yourselves from Me only. It is available for all but not everyone wants or seeks truth because the lies profit them, they justify their wickedness by accepting lies for truth, that is why they are in deception. They are deceived by the enemy of their soul. Only truth sets free not lies.  

Do not be satisfied with what you might think is truth. Make sure with Me that you are in truth and have not accepted lies for truth, then you are also deceived. I will not fail you. My Spirit of truth will guide you into all truth and warn you and set you free. This world is already full of deception and more deception is coming. That is why I warn My children beforehand so that you can take heed. Trust and follow Me only.

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