Friday, October 5, 2012

I can help – October 05, 2012

My children, I always help those who trust Me. I do not change, I can help. Do you really believe and trust Me for who I am and what I am able to do? Am I your Helper or are you struggling on your own without My help? There are many who are in need of help but they do not ask from Me because I am not the One they rely on, I am not their Source. Am I not trustworthy? Many will learn through much suffering until they realize that they need Me and they can trust Me, I can help. My Hand is not to short to help, nothing is to hard for Me to accomplish but you do not receive help from Me because you do not ask from Me. I know your needs and circumstances already. Nothing about you is hidden from Me but you must ask help from Me because I can help. I do not force Myself onto anyone. If you think that you do not need My help it is your choice but I can help. I am always available, day and night, I never slumber nor sleep. Always available to those who seek for My help. I am able to do the impossible, I am not limited or restricted by anyone or anything. I do as I please. I am in full control.

I know every heart. The arrogant and the proud who does not want to ask help from Me, who rely on themselves their own means, they will learn through much suffering that without Me they can do nothing. They do not realize that they need Me, I give them their breath all the time. I will remove all those things that they put above Me, that which they love more than Me, that they rely on. Then will they realize that they also need My help and that I can help. Everyone’s faith will be tested.

My children, I have not changed. You must change, you must trust Me, make Me your Helper because I can help, or you will suffer even more in these perilous time. It is your own choice if you are going to put all your trust and hope in Me and make Me your Helper or continue to learn through much suffering. Am I your Helper? I can help.

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