Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Open door – October 10, 2012

My children, all power and all authority belongs to Me. I am omnipotent and I Reign. I am in full control. I work everything out for good but at My appointed time for those who love Me, who are called according to My purpose. An open door is now before you so that you will be able to continue to do My will in My everlasting Kingdom. My will, will be done and no one will stand in My way. When I open a door nobody is able to shut it but when I close a door it will be closed. When I close one door I will open another door and more doors, even double doors. I am not limited or restricted by anyone. I do as I wish and as I promised. My promises do not fail I will open doors for My beloved children so that you will be able to accomplish My purpose in My Kingdom. Your endurance and steadfastness was not in vain. More doors of opportunity will open to do what I promised by My great power and glory, without Me you can do nothing.  An open door will give you more opportunity to be more fruitful in My Kingdom, to sow more good seed. The Gospel will be preached all over the world. I am faithful to My promises and I will open doors to fulfill My promises at My appointed time and nobody will be able to hinder or stop Me or My beloved children from fulfilling My Kingdom purpose.

Submit yourself totally to My Spirit and do not lean on your own understanding. Yield to the guidance and leading of My Spirit every step of the way. An open door is now before you. Do not hesitate, be courageous and do as My Spirit guides you to do. You are able to fulfill your Kingdom purpose. Let no one hinder or stop you. Continue to do My will, demonstrate the power and glory of My Kingdom. My glory and My light will increase with open doors of opportunity for My beloved children in this world to fulfill My Kingdom purpose. 

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