Thursday, October 4, 2012

To be My witnesses – October 04, 2012

My children, you are all called to be My witnesses. How many of you are really My faithful witnesses? Do you witness about Me to others, you all need Me. You wonder what you can do for Me, be My witness. Many are dying daily without Me, it is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. If you love and care for your neighbor as yourself you will witness about Me to them, they need Me. I am their only hope. I am the Savior of the world and no one else, without Me they will be lost. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life, the Life Giver, the Light of the world. You must witness about Me. I am to be glorified, it is all about Me and My everlasting Kingdom. I am the King, I am omnipotent and I reign. I am jealous and do not share My glory with anyone else. You must witness about Me, be My witness, that is pleasing to Me. Let others also get to know Me. Many only know about Me but they do not know Me. I am not a reality, alive to them. You must get to know Me and I must know you. You cannot witness about Me if you do not know Me yourself. Get to know Me so that you can be My witness to others.

You must be fearless, bold and courageous, don’t be a coward. You will be hated, persecuted and some killed for My Name and My Kingdom but fear not. I am always with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not love your own life more than Me. Be willing to lay it down for Me and My Kingdom, great will your reward be. Those who deny Me I will also deny them. My witnesses will not be accepted by many, but do not let that hinder or stop you from witnessing about Me. It is their choice and they will bear the consequences if they keep on rejecting those who witness to them about Me. I will not strive with them forever. If they keep on hardening their hearts they will perish. There will be no mercy without repentance. My children you can all be My witnesses but you must be willing, be willing to go and witness for Me wherever you go and I send you.  Now is the time for all to be My faithful witnesses before it might be too late. A world is dying without Me. Be willing to be My faithful witness to the lost, they need Me. Are you My faithful witness? If you really love Me you will be My witness.

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