Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two messages- Deceive - Despise – October 21, 2012

Two messages:
1. Let no one deceive you with their lies – October 21, 2012

My children, listen to Me and take heed. You must not let anyone deceive you with their lies. I am alive, I speak and I do reveal Myself. I want to be alive to you also and not just to some. Those who proclaim, that I only speak to them, lie to you. You must run away from them now, they are the strangers I warned you about. Many of them do not know Me for themselves, they only pretend. They are leading My sheep astray. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They have a plan with you, they are not serious about your soul, your destiny. They will not tell you the truth. It is up to you if you are going to stay or run away while you still have time and the opportunity. Do not run to another but run to Me, the Good Shepherd. Listen, hear from Me for yourself. I want to speak to you also and reveal Myself to you so that I can be alive to you, a reality. There is no favoritism or partiality with Me, do not believe lies, but believe and trust Me. I love and I care for each one, but you must be serious. Seek Me, get to know Me for yourself for real.

Many do not know Me themselves that is why they do not tell others that I can speak, that I am alive and want to reveal Myself to them also, if they seek Me. My sheep hear My voice, listen and follow Me and will run away from strangers. Why is the opposite happening? Because there are many deceivers, liars who deceive My children and My children love lies and accept it for truth. That is why I warn My children but you must take heed now so that you can escape and be free. I am the Good Shepherd, run to Me and make Me your Good Shepherd. Listen, hear My voice, then you will never listen to and follow after strangers, but you will run away, because you do not know their voices but Mine only. My voice is the only voice that you must hear, listen and obey. You must not stray from Me but stay close to Me. Many are lost because they listen and follow strangers who lead them astray.

My children, I am not far away, I am where you are. You do not need to go and search for Me to hear My voice. Do not let anyone lie and deceive you any longer. Seek Me diligently until you find Me. I know your heart, I know who loves Me and who truly wants to hear My voice. I am always faithful and available to those who seek Me. Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. My promises are for all not just for some. The devil does not want you to hear My voice. He will do everything possible to hinder and stop you from hearing from Me. He wants you deceived and to believe lies. Stop listening to lies and believe Me. Seek Me, I will not fail you. You will not be disappointed. Let no one deceive you with their lies.

2. They despise Me – October 21, 2012

There are many out there who despise and mock Me. They are foolish because they do not know Me. They have no fear or knowledge of Me for who I really am. That is why they do not accept what I have done for them on the Cross, shedding My Blood for all to be saved by Me. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life, there is none like Me and will never be. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. I cannot force anyone to accept and not to reject Me. There will be no mercy without repentance. Mercy time is running out. Those who keep on rejecting Me will bear the consequences if they do not repent in time. They will perish without Me in their foolishness, condemned forever. I love and I care for all, that is why I warn before it might be too late to accept Me as your Lord and Savior. I am alive. Seek Me and you will find Me. Do not die in your foolishness but repent. I find no pleasure in the death of a sinner but that he repent to have eternal life. I am holy and I do not change. Do not despise Me, I am not mocked.

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