Friday, November 2, 2012

Be different – November 02, 2012

My children, now is the time to be different, to demonstrate My Kingdom power and My love to those who are in need because of turmoil and destruction. Reach out to others as My Spirit guides and leads you to do. Give them hope. Do to others what you want them to do to you also. Do it as if you do it to Me. What you do to the least you have done it to Me also. Ask Me to show you how you can help those who are affected. All over the world, many are suffering and you can make a difference.  Be willing to be My vessel of honor, to be used by Me according to My plan and purpose, all for My glory.

Turmoil and destruction will increase if the world does not repent in time. I warn out of love and because I care. That is why My children must be different, you must warn others to repent because there will be no mercy without repentance. Now is mercy time, tomorrow might be too late to repent. Those who are lulled asleep by the enemy, must wake up and repent before it might be too late. Make sure with Me that I am pleased with you and that you are ready for what is yet to come, even your way.

My children, you must be different in these times. The world must see that you are different, it must be obvious. You must be light in this world that is full of darkness. Many love darkness more than light because their deeds are evil. Darkness is increasing and will increase even more because many hate Light, they hated Me first and will hate you also because of My Light in you. Do not fear but be My Light carriers who are willing to go and shine in darkness to be light in this world. You all need Me, I am the only hope for the world. They must see that there is still light and all is not darkness. You cannot hide or be light to those in darkness if you yourself are full of darkness. You must be different, first get rid of the darkness in you. Let My Light penetrate you to shine in and through you to draw others to Me, the Light of the world. They need Light. Be different.

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