Thursday, November 8, 2012

Listen – November 08, 2012

My children, this is a wicked and stubborn generation, they do not fear Me, that is why they do not listen to Me and My warnings. They are foolish because they do not know Me for who I am and what I am able to do. If they will but listen to Me they will repent and live because there will be no mercy without repentance. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. Every one chooses for themselves but they will also bear the consequences if they do not listen to Me.

My children, many are deceived, confused and in darkness because they do not listen to Me but to too many other voices. They are too occupied with the wrong things and not with Me and My everlasting Kingdom. Their focus is not on Me and My Kingdom. I am not a God of confusion. I am the Light of the world. If you listen to Me you will not be in darkness but in My Light and in My peace that surpasses all human understanding, in the midst of turmoil and destruction. The choice is yours, to whom do you listen?

You cannot obey and follow Me, if you do not listen to Me. You are in perilous times. You must be very serious, you cannot afford not to listen to Me or to stray from Me. You must stay with Me, listen, obey and follow Me and no one else. I am in control, I am building My Kingdom according to My plan and purpose, My will, will be done. I use the willing, who yield to My Spirit, who listen, obey and follow My guidance and leading to do My will. Few listen to Me, do you? Be a doer and not a hearer only who deceives yourself. Listen to Me.

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