Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The wrong direction – November 06, 2012

My children, many are heading the wrong direction. They do not even realize it and they are very pleased with themselves.  They are in a stage of stupor because the enemy of their souls has lulled them asleep, they don’t know that they are heading the wrong direction. It is because many are not led by My Spirit, they follow their own plans, going their own way, the wrong direction, doing their own things and not My will. Many follow others who are themselves heading the wrong direction and leading others astray with them. They are all off course.

My children, every one chooses for yourselves. I force no one to listen, obey and to follow My guidance and leading. It is your own choice but you will bear the consequences. My way is the only way that leads the right direction. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life there is none like Me and will never be. Those who do not listen, obey and follow Me, My way, are heading the wrong direction, they are on the wrong way to destruction.

My children, wake up and take heed, make sure today with Me that you are not also heading the wrong direction but that you are pleasing to Me, led and guided by My Spirit every step of the way according to My plans, the right direction. Let no one deceive you or take you with them in the wrong direction. You will end up where you do not want to. When the blind lead the blind both will fall into a ditch. You will only have yourself to blame and will be very disappointed. Trust and follow no one but Me only. I will not fail you. Listen, obey and follow My guidance and leading all the time, then only will you not go the wrong direction.

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