Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Too occupied – November 21, 2012

My children, many are too occupied with the wrong things, your own means and not with Me and My Kingdom plans and purpose for you. You do not have time for Me and My Kingdom to be able to do My will but My will, will be done with those who make themselves available and who are willing to be used by Me for My Kingdom plan and purpose in this time. I force no one but I use the willing.

You must get your own priorities right, make a decision and make yourself available then I can use you. You must not love anything or anybody more than Me and My Kingdom, then you are not worthy of Me. What is there that you love more than Me? Am I still your first love and are you doing My will?

My children, you cannot take anything with you when you die. You do not want to stand before Me empty handed because you were too occupied with the wrong things. What will it benefit anyone, if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul because he was too occupied with the things of the world that will all perish. You must occupy yourselves with Me and My Kingdom. Seek for yourselves treasures in Heaven that will last not the treasures of this world that will all perish and you cannot take anything of it along with you. Be wise and be willing and make yourself available for Me and My Kingdom. Every soul is precious and it is not My will that anyone perish, but that all repent to have eternal life.

Are you too occupied or are you busy building onto My everlasting Kingdom and gaining for yourself treasures in Heaven? Your reward is with Me. I will not fail you and you will not be disappointed. Let no one take your crown. Do not be too occupied with those things that are temporary.

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