Sunday, December 9, 2012

Be quiet and listen to Me – December 09, 2012

My children, come and be quiet so that you can listen to Me. Do not be so busy that you do not have time for Me. Nothing else is more important than to be with Me, be quiet and listen to Me to what I want to say to you. There is much what I want to reveal to My children, new and hidden things, but who is willing to be quiet and will listen to receive from Me?

Many think that I only speak to others, that is not true. My sheep hear My voice, they listen to Me and they follow Me and they run away from strangers, but that is not happening. That is why many of My children are deceived and in darkness because they listen to too many other voices and not to Me, they are like lost sheep without a shepherd. It is because they do not know Me, I am not their Good Shepherd. Am I your Good Shepherd, do you hear My voice, listen and follow Me? If not, then it is time to seek Me and make Me your Good Shepherd. Be quiet and listen to Me so that you can obey Me.

My children, you need to be quiet and listen to Me and make sure with Me that I am pleased with you because judgment has started with My children. Ask Me to search your heart and to show you if there is anything in you what is not pleasing to Me so that you can repent, make it right or get rid of it before it might be too late. Do not assume, now is mercy time, tomorrow might be too late. Do not be deceived and think that there is any favoritism or any partiality with Me. I am the righteous Judge and will judge each one righteously. I am the only One who can reveal it to you because I know your heart and all your motives, nothing about you is hidden from Me. Ask Me, be quiet and listen to Me to be able to hear from Me. Do not wait, judgment has started with My children. There will be no mercy without true repentance. Be quiet and listen to Me while you still have the time and the opportunity, tomorrow is not promised.


  1. Amen. Thank you sister Christiena for sharing the many words that Jesus gives to you. May the Lord Jesus Bless you and Brother Justice, and your family. -Brother Mark Kalenda-

    1. Thank you. All the glory to Jesus Brother, He loves and cares for us. Without Jesus, we can do nothing. May Jesus bless you also and keep you safe in this time. We love you and we pray for you.