Saturday, December 29, 2012

Do not be disappointed – December 29, 2012

My children, I do not disappoint My beloved children, only the wicked, I put them to shame. They do not know Me for who I am and what I am able to do. They foolishly think that they can hide their evil plans from Me also. I know it all and that is why I can reveal it beforehand to My beloved children, so that you will never be in darkness. It frustrates the wicked when I reveal their secrets to My children. The wicked can only do to My children what I allow them, I am in full control. Do not fear anyone. Your enemies are also My enemies and I will repay, vengeance is Mine. I am the righteous Judge who will judge each one righteously for their own deeds, good or evil. I know it all.

My children, put all your hope and trust in Me, hope in Me does not disappoint, I promise, I will not disappoint you like so many do.

Many of you have had disappointments, do not look back or focus on the disappointments, that will hinder you and keep you back from moving forward. Focus on Me. Everything will work out for good. Trust Me, I am in full control you must not allow disappointment to hinder or stop you in your walk with Me or from fulfilling your Kingdom purpose. Many started good but when they get disappointed or things do not work out the way they expected, they  lose hope and want to give up, don’t. Stay steadfast, endure and continue to do My will not matter what happens.

Seek My Kingdom and My righteousness first, I will not disappoint you. I will add all the other things unto you at My time according to My plan and purpose for you. I work all things out for good. I am able to open doors and to close them. I will not disappoint My beloved children. Trust Me and do not lean on your own understanding then you will be disappointed. Obey and follow My guidance and leading one step at a time. I go ahead of you and will not disappoint you nor fail you.

Those who do not obey and follow Me will be disappointed. I am in control of My Kingdom and My will, will be done. Nobody will hinder or stop Me from fulfilling My plans and purposes. Everything that has been foretold will come into fulfillment at the appointed time. I do not change and I do not disappoint, My promises never fail. Trust Me and don’t let disappointment take you off course. Obey and follow Me, I will not disappoint you.

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