Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do not be discouraged – December 18, 2012

My children, many of you are discouraged, you want to lose hope and give up, do not give up. You must take courage so that you can continue to do My will in My Kingdom in this time. You must not lose hope yourself, you must be there to encourage others who are discouraged to give them hope in Me. You all need Me.

You will all go through trials, tribulation and persecution, some will even get killed for My Name and My Kingdom. They hated Me first and will hate you also. What they did to Me they will do to you also. You will pay a price for Me and My Kingdom. But great will your reward be, if you endure until the end and not give up.

I am always there for you, day and night to help and to sustain you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am always with you. Do not be discouraged and lose hope so easily. I am your hope and hope in Me does not disappoint. Have I failed you yet? Trust Me to work everything out for good at My time. My promises do not fail.

My children, it is not going to get easier but more difficult, the road ahead of you will get steeper and steeper but you must continue, do not get discouraged and lose hope or give up then it will all be in vain. You are able to overcome all the obstacles because I am with you and I strengthen you, without Me you will not make it. Do not be self focused. Let Me reveal to you those who need encouragement so that you can encourage them, then you will also be encouraged. Do not be discouraged, take courage and encourage others.

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