Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Many do not want to change – December 26, 2012

My children, I know every heart, many do not want to change and I force no one. Everyone chooses for themselves if they want to change but will certainly bear the consequences if they refuse to repent.  Many love darkness more than light because their deeds are evil. They try to hide from the light. I am the Light of the world and no one is able to hide from Me. I see and I hear everything.

I do not change, I am holy, you must be willing to change, become more like Me, holy and pure, to be pleasing to Me. Without holiness no one will see Me or enter into Heaven. Do not be deceived or deceive yourself by believing lies. Seek the truth and you will find it and the truth will set you free not lies. My Spirit of Truth will guide you into all truth. You must want to change, to be transformed into My likeness. Let Me purge and purify you so that you can become pure, acceptable to Me. Yield to My Spirit, who will convict you of sin and of righteousness and of judgment. I discipline and reprove every one of My children out of love and because I care and it is all for your own good to change you more and more into My likeness but those who despise My discipline and when I reprove them, they will perish in their wickedness if they continue to be stubborn and rebel against Me. I force no one but I am the righteous Judge who will judge each one righteously and all the disobedient will be punished.

There will be a clear distinction between My children who are renewed into My likeness, they will be children of righteousness and holiness according to My standard, because My standard is not the same standard as that of the world. That which is acceptable and pleasing to mankind is an abomination to Me. I do not change. My children will be holy, they will be light in darkness and not darkness themselves. Does your light shine? Are you different, changed into My likeness, am I pleased with you or do you only assume because many do not want to change.

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