Sunday, December 2, 2012

Press on harder – December 02, 2012

My children, many gave up already and others also want to give up too quickly on Me. They lost hope and faith in Me. It is because they did not press on harder, that is why they gave up and want to give up. Many do not know Me, they only know about Me, I am not alive to them, their reality, that is why they want to give up. Do not be one of them, do not lose hope or give up then it will all be in vain. If you look back and withdraw from Me, My soul will have no pleasure in you. You must stay steadfast, remain faithful and endure until the end. Press on harder, force yourself to move forward and to press on even harder. Only those who finish their race successfully according to My rules will be rewarded. In a race it is only the winner that receives the prize. You must press on harder to win the prize, be the winner not the loser, that is what the devil wants. He will do anything and use everybody that he can to hinder and stop you from fulfilling your race set before you. You must be determined not to fall prey to him but resist him and continue to run the race, press on harder no matter the obstacles you have to endure and go through, press on harder, you will not be disappointed.

Do not look at others or around you or look back, then you will not move forward with Me. Do not lag behind or stop, follow Me one step at a time. Do not compare yourself with others, you are unique, you must do what I want, My plan and purpose for you. Keep your focus on Me and press on harder every day to fulfill My Kingdom purpose and plan for you. My will be done.

My children, when it feels that you cannot go on, you need a breakthrough, you must press on harder and even press on more until you have your breakthrough. Pray, labor in prayer but do not lose hope or give up, do not be satisfied before you have your breakthrough. No matter how hard and difficult it might be, what you will have to endure and go through. You can overcome, press on harder, never lose hope and give up, do not be a loser but a winner, one who overcomes all obstacles. That is why I encourage you to press on harder and not to lose hope or to give up on Me. I will not fail you. I am always with you and will never leave you nor forsake you. I am available for you all the time, day and night, to help and to sustain you but you must decide not to lose hope or to give up but to press on harder and to trust Me for who I am and what I am able to do. I work all things out for good at My time. Trust Me and press on harder. 

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