Saturday, December 1, 2012

Will you trust Me? – December 01, 2012

My children, many say that they believe Me but they do not trust Me. It is a decision that you must make. Not only to believe but to trust Me also, will you?  

My promises do not fail. I do not change. You can trust Me. Seek My Kingdom and My righteousness first then will I add all the other things unto you. Do you really believe Me that I am able to do it? Will you trust Me?  I know everything, I know all your needs, you are ever before Me. Am I not better than any earthly father? Are you not of more value than many sparrows? I promised that I will never leave you nor forsake you but will always be with you. Have I failed you yet? I seek total obedience and dedication from My children to Me. Few are. That is why so few really trust Me for who I am and what I am able to do even the impossible. Few really know Me, I am no Stranger to them that is why they trust and willingly follow Me wherever I guide and lead them according to My plan and purpose. Their hope and trust is in Me.

Many only pretend that they trust Me but when their faith is tested they fail the test because of their disbelief. They only confess Me with their mouths but their hearts are far from Me. I know every heart. Your faith will be tested more and more in these perilous times. Will you trust Me or will you fail the tests?

My children, if you only know about Me and do not really know Me for who I am and what I am able to do, you will not trust Me. You must get to know Me. Seek Me, spend time with Me, ask of Me so that your joy can be full when you receive from Me. It is your relationship with Me and nobody else can work on it for you. Do not be pleased with what you already know about Me, seek more from Me. Get to know Me even better. There is much I want to reveal to My children but you must seek from Me. You do not receive because you do not ask of Me. Trust Me, I reward those who seek and ask of Me. Be patient and wait, I am always faithful and trustworthy. I do not fail. Will you trust Me? 

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