Thursday, February 28, 2013

All in vain – February 28, 2013

My children, do not lose hope and never give up then it will be all in vain. You must endure and continue to run the race set before you. You are able, run according to the rules in such a way that you will receive the prize in the end. Be willing and determined, continue no matter the obstacles along the way.  Do not look back, press on forward, keep running to complete the race set before you at the appointed time. I am there for you all the time to help and to sustain you. You are not on your own. I will never leave you nor forsake you. My promises do not fail, I do not disappoint, trust Me. Do not lose hope and never give up that is what the devil wants, do not fall prey to him, then it will be all in vain.

My children, you must be light in this world that is full of darkness, do not be darkness yourselves. Your light must always shine, like a light on a hilltop it cannot be hidden but it is there for all to see. Do not hide your light or let it diminish or go out then it will be all in vain. You must make sure that you always have enough oil so that you will continue to shine to be light to those in darkness and to draw them to Me the Light of the world.

My children, you must stay faithful and continue to do My will in My everlasting Kingdom according to My plan and purpose. If you withdraw you will not be pleasing to Me. Be determined, steadfast and keep doing My will as My Spirit guides and leads you. Your reward is with Me and let no one take your crown then it will be all in vain.

What will it profit any one if they gain the whole world but lose their own soul, it will be all in vain. Seek for yourselves treasures in Heaven that will last not earthly treasures that will all perish. Seek My Kingdom first or it will be all in vain.

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