Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sow if you want to reap – February 02, 2013

My children, you must sow if you want to reap. You cannot expect a harvest if you do not sow good seed first. Each one of you is able to sow and to reap but you must be willing. The fields are ready but the workers are few. Many started good, but some strayed, others gave up to quickly, not willing to endure. Few continue to be My faithful workers. I force no one. I use the willing who make themselves available to be used by Me according to My plan and at My time. I am the Master and in control, some will reap what they did not sow but you must make sure that what you sow is good seed because you will for sure reap what you sowed. Make sure that you sow much good seed all the time.

Those who sow sparingly must not expect to reap bountiful but will also reap sparingly. Those who do not sow at all will have no harvest to show. They will stand empty handed before Me one day, nothing to show and will only have themselves to blame because each one of you is able to sow. There is much work but the workers are few. Are you sowing? Will you reap and have a harvest? Or will you be one of those who will stand empty handed before Me, not one soul to show for My everlasting Kingdom. No sowing, no reaping. Let no one deceive you. If you want to have a harvest, you must be willing to sow good seed. Do not be a lazy worker, there is much work, who is but willing to go and work where I send you? The fields are ready. Do not look at others, you must work if you want a harvest.

It is never too late to sow to have a harvest. Let no one hinder or stop you from sowing. The enemy will always try to hinder and stop you, do not allow him. He does not want you to sow good seed but bad seed. Do not fall prey to him. What you sow you will reap also. So make sure when you sow, that it is good seed. Sow while you can and do not wait, those who procrastinate will have no harvest but be disappointed. Sow if you want to reap.

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