Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do not be discouraged – March 20, 2013

My children, when you look around you and things do not work out the way that you want or think, and you take your focus off Me, you will get discouraged. You must keep your focus on Me and My everlasting Kingdom all the time and not on other things that can distract you and make you discouraged. Do not be anxious. Trust Me, I am in full control. I know the end from the beginning. Everything that was foretold will come in fulfillment at the appointed time. I know it all. Nothing is out of control.

I will not fail My beloved children. I am always with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Believe Me for who I am and what I am able to do, in all circumstances. Is there anything that is too hard for Me to do? But when you believe lies and ponder on them you will be discouraged. The devil will try his utmost to get you discouraged, to get your focus off Me. Do not fall prey to him. Reject all lies and accept the truth only. Do not ponder on lies they will make you lose hope and become discouraged. Stay focused on Me and My Kingdom.

Seek My Kingdom and My righteousness first, then will I add all the other things unto you at My time. I do not fail. I know My plan and purpose for you. It is good, it is to build you up, not to tear you down. That is what the enemy does. He wants to destroy as many as he can, that is why you must not fall prey to him, do not give him any foothold but resist him and he will flee from you.

My children, are you not of more value than many birds? Is every hair on your head not numbered? What is there what I do not know about you? I know all your thoughts. I am for you and not against you. I am always available, day and night, to help and to sustain you. Come to Me and do not be discouraged.  Take courage so that you can encourage others who are discouraged. You all need Me. I am more than enough for all of you, able to do the impossible. Put all your hope and trust Me and do not be discouraged.

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