Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not pleasing to Me – March 05, 2013

My children, you must never assume that I am pleased with you. Always make sure with Me, I will confirm it to you. You have the time and opportunity now. You will only have yourself to blame if you were not pleasing to Me. Do not wait, you have time to repent now and to make sure that you are pleasing to Me. I must approve of you and no one else. I am the righteous Judge. I know every heart and all motives. I am the only One who will allow you into Heaven or refuse you. I am the narrow Door. Many will try to enter but will not be able, because they were not pleasing to Me. That is why I warn and you must take heed and make sure with Me while you can, do not wait, tomorrow is not promised. Every day, many are dying without Me and you never know when it might be your time. Be always ready and pleasing to Me.

There are many who are not pleasing to Me, they have forsaken Me, I am not their first love anymore. They only serve Me with their mouths but their hearts are far from Me. They are not obeying nor following Me neither do they do My will but their own. They follow their own way and not My way. They are deceived and in darkness because they think that I am still pleased with them while I am not. Many believe lies for truth because it is more acceptable to them than the truth. But only the truth sets free not lies.

Many are deceived themselves and are deceiving others because they are not pleasing to Me and those who trust and follow them do not realize that I am not pleased with them. That is why you must find out for yourself from Me, if I am pleased with you or not. Trust no one but Me.

Many only know about Me, they do not know Me for real and I am not pleased with them. Each one must get to know Me for real, I am alive. I want each one of My children to have their own relationship with Me. You must get to know Me for who I am and what I am able to do. Nobody else can seek Me for you, but you must work on your own relationship with Me every day and always make sure that I am pleased with you because many are not pleasing to Me.

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