Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Woe to those – March 06, 2013

My children, I warn, take heed. There are many out there who pretend to be who they are not. Do not be deceived and do not let anyone lead you astray. Many of My children are deceived, in darkness because they were led astray. Woe to those who led them astray. I will hold each one accountable for their deeds, good or evil. I know every heart and all motives, nothing can be hidden from Me. I see and I hear everything. Many are led astray by the deceivers. They only use My Name for their own means and vain glory. I warned you against them beforehand but few take heed to My warnings that is why many are led astray and more will, if they do not listen to Me and take heed to My warnings and run away from those who try to lead them astray. You are in the time which was foretold and all these things must happen.

I am the only Good Shepherd. You must listen to Me, hear My voice only, obey and follow Me wherever I guide and lead you every step of the way. Yield to My Spirit. These are perilous times. Let no one deceive you and lead you astray. Watch and pray. Do not trust or follow any one but Me, they will lead you astray. I will not fail you.

Those who were led astray must run back to Me before it might be too late. Stay with Me, listen, obey and follow Me only. Trust and follow no one else but Me or you will be led astray again.

My children, woe to those who call good evil and evil good, who approve of and do those things that I hate, that are an abomination to Me. I am holy and I do not change. I have one standard for all. There is no favoritism or partiality with Me. I am the righteous Judge. Do not compromise the truth for lies to be accepted and approved of/by people. If you stand for My truth and My righteousness you will be hated, persecuted and some killed for My Name and My Kingdom but great will your reward be in Heaven. Your enemies are also My enemies. Vengeance is Mine, I will repay. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent, that is why I always warn first but woe to those who refuse to repent. There will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance. 

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