Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stubborn and rebellious – May 20, 2013

My children, do not be stubborn and rebellious against Me because all disobedience will be punished. You will learn obedience through much suffering, if you are willing. I force no one and there is no favoritism or partiality with Me. I discipline and reprove every one of My children out of love and because I care but those who are stubborn and rebellious against Me will perish in their stubbornness and rebellion if they do not repent and accept My discipline and when I reprove them. It is for their own good to listen and obey My Spirit and not resist, grieve My Spirit. I will not strive with anyone forever. Do not harden your heart against Me, that is foolishness and what the devil wants. I am the One who is able to throw into hell, fear and revere Me for who I am and able to do. I am a loving and caring God but also a Consuming Fire. I am holy and I do not change, you must change and be holy. Listen and you will live, be stubborn and rebellious and you will perish. Do not be deceived.

Many are stubborn and unteachable, therefore they do not want to accept the truth but continue to believe lies because it is profitable and more acceptable to them than truth. That is why many are deceived and in darkness. Only the truth sets free not lies. Those who continue in their deception after hearing and knowing the truth but refuse to accept the truth because they are stubborn and rebellious will perish.

You must decide and be willing to submit yourself totally to Me and My authority. Be humble, deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Me wherever I guide and lead you to do My will and not your own or that of other people but My will be done. Those who are stubborn, who do not want to obey Me and submit themselves willfully and totally to Me and let Me be in control will bear the consequences for their stubbornness and rebellion against Me. I am the righteous Judge. I see and I hear everything and I know every heart and all motives. Do not be stubborn and rebellious, but listen, obey and follow Me and do as I command and instruct you to do. My will be done.

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