Thursday, June 13, 2013

Be different – June 14, 2013

My children, you must be different from the rest of the world. You must be led by My Spirit and not by your own fleshly desires. You must do as I command and instruct you to do. You must obey and follow Me wherever I guide and lead you. You do not belong to yourselves anymore but to Me and My everlasting Kingdom. You are a Temple of My Holy Spirit.

Are you different from the rest of the world? Can they see that you are different from them? Are you light in darkness or darkness yourselves? I know, nothing can be hidden from Me. You cannot hide or conform to the world. The difference must be obvious. You must stand for My truth and My righteousness. My standard is not the same as that of the world. The things that are an abomination to Me, many approve of and do it themselves, even those who call themselves My children and they think that I am pleased with them while I am not. Do not be deceived. The rest of the world must know that you belong to Me and My Kingdom and not to the world. You are still in the world but not of the world.

Many are not different from the rest of the world. They blend in, no difference. They compromise to be accepted and to be approved of, by other people and still they think that I approve of them. I don’t. I do not change. I am holy and you must be holy. Be different.

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