Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seek the truth – August 01, 2013

My children, you are in a time where you must seek the truth for yourselves from Me like never before. There is much deception and there are many deceivers in the world today. They have fallen prey to the devil’s lies and he is using them to destroy many. They are not only deceived themselves but they are deceiving many other people also and will even deceive many more if they do not seek the truth from Me for themselves. Do not be one of them. The devil has lulled many asleep, they believe his lies for truth, he is the father of all lies, and there is no truth in him. Seek the truth from Me for yourselves only. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life there is none like Me and will never be. Do not be deceived. Only the truth sets free and not lies. If I set you free you will be free indeed and not be in bondage like so many still are.

My children, do not be deceived, and do not stay deceived, then you will only have yourselves to blame. Seek the truth from Me now, do not wait, and do not assume that you are in all truth. Ask Me who knows every heart. Many have accepted lies for truth and they do not realize it. Make sure that you are in all truth. Only I am able to reveal the truth to you. My Spirit of Truth will guide each and every one who loves and seek the truth into all truth and no one else. Let no one deceive you then you will be in darkness.

That is why many are in darkness. They love darkness more than light because their deeds are evil. All the things that are an abomination to Me, they do not only approve of them but they also do them themselves because they love lies more than truth. Only the truth sets free, not lies. If you seek the truth from Me, you will find the truth. Do not stay deceived. Now is time to wake up and seek the truth only, or you will perish. Do not let anyone take your crown.

My children, you must be willing to be My truth warriors. The world is full of lies, deception is everywhere and it is increasing. Be a truth warrior for My Kingdom. Be Light in darkness and not darkness yourself. Expose all lies, do not accept or ponder on them but renounce them all. The truth sets free, not lies. The one who seeks the truth from Me, will find it. Seek the truth.

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