Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My plan and purpose – September 26, 2013

My children, My plan and purpose is the best and it will be done. I am in full control. Nothing is out of My control. I know the end from the beginning. Nothing is new or can be hidden from Me. I know it all.

Each one of you must seek to do My will, My plan and purpose in My everlasting Kingdom. I am the only One who is able to reveal it to you. You are unique, created and chosen for this time to fit in My plan and purpose. You are no coincidence, you were born for My plan and purpose to be used by Me.

Do not fear or be dismayed. What I promise I will do, I am able to do the impossible in any situation and all circumstances. Nothing is too hard or impossible with Me. Trust Me. My plan and purpose will come in fulfillment at the appointed time. My promises do not fail. I work all things out for good at My time according to My plan and purpose. I know My plan and purpose for you, it is good. It is to build you up not to tear you down.

Keep your focus on Me and stay on course to be able to fulfill My plan and purpose in My Kingdom every day. I will not fail you. I go ahead of you to show you My way and I will open doors for you at My time according to My plan and purpose. I will make the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth. Trust Me, without Me you can do nothing. Yield to My Spirit, listen, obey and follow My guidance and leading every step of the way. Be willing and available to fulfill My plan and purpose according to My will at My time.

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