Friday, November 22, 2013

Be shining lights – November 23, 2013

My children, you must be shining lights in the world that is full of darkness. But sadly many are not light but darkness themselves that is why they hide. They do not have light in them to shine. A light on a hilltop cannot be hidden, it is there for all to see. You must be that shining light for Me and My Kingdom. The world needs more light not darkness. There is enough darkness and too little shining lights. Are you a shining light or darkness yourself?

Now you must be a shining light for all to see. Do not hide or be darkness yourself then you are of no value for My Kingdom. Be a shining light to show other people who are still in darkness that there is still light and all is not darkness so that you can draw them out from darkness to Me the Light of the world, so that they can also become shining lights.

If each one of you My children, are full of light and you are willing to shine your light wherever you are, or go, or where I send you, then there will be more light and less darkness. But you must be willing to be a shining light or your light will diminish and die and I will remove your lamp stand. Repent and be a shining light for Me and My everlasting Kingdom before it might be too late.

Make sure that you have enough oil, so that your light may continue to shine. You cannot borrow or buy oil from another person, only from Me. You must have your own oil and enough for the road ahead of you to be able to be a shining light until the very end.

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