Monday, January 27, 2014

Me in you – January 28, 2014

My children, many look and search for Me at the wrong places. I am not where they think that I am. I am not far away, I am in you. I dwell in the hearts of My beloved children. You are a Temple of My Holy Spirit, it is Me in you.

Stop looking and searching for Me where I am not and realize that I am living in you. That is why you must be like Me, holy, and I do not change. You must all change, be holy, because without holiness no one will see Me or enter into Heaven. Let Me change, transform you into My likeness. Let Me increase in you and you decrease. Let others see Me in you and through your good deeds.

My children, many do not hear My voice, they do not recognize Me in them. Quiet yourself, your own voice and all the other voices, listen and pay attention to My small voice inside of you. Do not be deceived and do not believe lies. There is no favoritism or discrimination with Me. I love and I care for each one of My children but not everyone loves Me and cares about Me. Many only know about Me and that is pleasing to them but not to Me. I want each one of My children to realize and to recognize Me in them. Get to know Me for real. I am alive and I dwell in you, My children. You are My ambassadors in the world for My everlasting Kingdom. I am King, Lord and Master and therefore you must submit to Me and My authority. It is Me in you, the King of Glory. I will guide and lead you every step of My way to do My will. My will be done.

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