Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Obedience – January 23, 2014

My children, I seek total obedience from each one of you always and not just when you want to obey Me but all the time. I was your perfect example of total obedience even until death on the Cross. I learned obedience through much suffering and you will in the same way learn obedience to Me if you are willing. I force no one. Many are not willing to obey Me, they are rebellious. I know every heart and all motives but each one will bear the consequences for being disobedient. All disobedience will be punished. I discipline and reproves each one of My children out of love and because I care. I teach My children obedience to Me.

Many are deceived and in darkness because of their disobedience to Me. I warned them but they did not pay attention, they disobey Me and My warnings to them. They resist and grieve My Spirit. They will only have themselves to blame for being deceived and disobedient if they do not repent in time and continue in their disobedience.

Do not look at other people. I seek your obedience to Me and My Kingdom. Come and follow Me, My way and do My will as I guide and lead you. Be a doer and not a hearer only then you deceive yourselves. I want obedient children. You will pay a price but great will your reward be in Heaven if you endure and stay obedient to Me until the end.

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