Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trust no one - January 31, 2014

My children, you do not know the hearts and intentions of other people. Not everyone is trustworthy, many are wicked. Their plans are evil not good. That is why I warn you, do not put your hope and trust in fallible men or women who can fail and disappoint you when you least expect it.

Many have fallen prey to the lies of the enemy because they trusted in people. That is why many are deceived and in darkness and not following Me, My way but the ways of other people who led them astray from Me. They must repent, come back and follow Me, My way before it might be too late. There is a way that seems right but its end leads to destruction. Many are on the wrong way and will end up in destruction if they do not turn around in time.

My children, be very careful, trust no one because the enemy can appear as an angel of light. Be always vigilant, watch and pray and do not fall asleep. The devil has lulled many asleep. Stay awake and do not fall prey to him. Put all your hope and trust in Me and follow Me only. I will not fail you. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life there is none like Me and will never be. Let no one deceive you and take you off course. Trust no one but Me. Then you will not be disappointed.

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