Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anew – February 19, 2014

My children, start anew from this day onward, a new beginning. Stop looking back and move forward with Me until the end. Do not let anyone or anything hinder or stand in your way to progress and to follow Me. I will not disappoint you and you will not be disappointed when you start anew, obey and follow Me, My way, as I guide and lead you and do My will. You only need to seek for My approval and not to be approved by anyone else. I am King, Lord and Master and in control. I must be pleased with you. I am the only righteous Judge. Listen anew, obey and follow Me. I have a plan and purpose for each one who is willing to fulfill their Kingdom purpose, My plan. You were all born for My plan and purpose for this time. Seek anew to do My will and to be in My perfect will.

The devil will always try his utmost best to hinder and stop you. Do not fall prey to him and give him no foothold. Resist him until he flees. He does not want you to start anew. He wants to steal your crown, do not allow him. He is the destroyer and has destroyed many and seeks to destroy even more. Do not be one of them.

Be steadfast, start anew today and do not look back. Yesterday is gone, it is over and you cannot change anything about it. You can only learn from your mistakes. You survived and came through more mature. Continue now anew, with new vigor. Listen, obey and follow My instructions, as I command you. Submit to Me and My authority anew. Do not allow anyone to take your crown. Fulfill your Kingdom purpose until the end. Your reward is with Me in Heaven.

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