Friday, February 21, 2014

Do not allow – February 22, 2014

My children, do not allow anyone or anything to get you off course, to distract or hinder you in your walk with Me. You must be steadfast and determined to fulfill your Kingdom purpose for this time, until the very end. Stay focused on Me. Listen, obey and follow Me every day as I guide and lead you to do My will.

Be flexible, willing to come out of your comfort zone because things will not work out the way that you want or think. Move as I move, follow Me one step at a time. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am always with you to help and to sustain you. Do not be afraid. I am for you and not against you. I go ahead of you, to make the crooked places straight, the rough places smooth and to open doors for you at My time according to My plan and purpose.

Believe and trust Me and do not allow the devil to lie to you. He will do everything possible to get you off course, to hinder and stop you to fulfill your Kingdom purpose. Do not allow him, resist him and he will flee. No weapon formed against you will prosper and every one that comes against you, you will refute because your vindication is from Me.

Do not allow fear, doubt or anything else to get in your way. Let no one take your crown. You are able, victory is assured in Me, without Me you can do nothing. I will guide and lead you, every step of the way. Yield and follow Me.

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