Monday, February 10, 2014

Do not refuse – February 11, 2014

My children, do not be one of those who continuously refuse to listen to Me, obey and follow Me, My way.  They are always stubborn, stiff necked and want things their way and not My way. Although I know best, they go their own way and do their own things as they please and still they think I am pleased while I am not. My will must be done, that is pleasing and acceptable to Me.

Submit yourselves willfully to Me and My authority. Let Me be in control and have My way. I will work all things out for good at My time according to My plan and purpose. I do not fail. Trust Me.

Deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Me as I guide and lead you. I force no one, do not refuse. I will not strive with anyone forever, but each one will bear the consequences.

Those who continue to refuse to be like Me holy, will perish in their stubbornness and deception. I warn out of love and because I care. Many know the truth but refuse to accept it. I know every heart and all motives, nothing can be hidden from Me. I know all thoughts.

Be humble and submissive to Me. Listen carefully, obey and follow Me, My way as I guide and lead you and you will reach your destiny successfully. Refuse and continue the wrong way then you will end up in destruction and only have yourself to blame because there is a way that seems right but its end leads to destruction. If you follow Me, every step of the way, then you will not be disappointed. Do not refuse.

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