Monday, March 10, 2014

You must bear – March 11, 2014

My children, do not lose hope or give up, you will enter into Heaven through much tribulation but you must bear it all for Me and My everlasting Kingdom until the very end and great will your reward be in Heaven. Know that I am for you and not against you. If I am for you who can be against you? The world is against you because they love darkness more than light because their deeds are evil. You are not of the world but of My everlasting Kingdom that is not of the world. You are still in the world but must be separated. You cannot conform to the world again. The world loves its own only. Those who love the world are in enmity with Me.

Many cannot bear the reproach of other people, they compromise and deny Me to be accepted by mere men and women. Do not compromise and deny Me, then it will be all in vain.

You will be hated, persecuted and some killed for Me and My everlasting Kingdom. Bear it all then it will not be in vain. You will not be disappointed. Your vindication is from Me. No weapon formed against you My beloved children will prosper and every one that comes against you, you will refute in My Name, the Name above all other names. Do not retreat, be steadfast, you must endure and continue to do My will in My everlasting Kingdom, no matter what you will have to bear. I am always with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. 

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