Friday, April 18, 2014

Do not allow – April 19, 2014

My children, do not allow anyone or anything to take you off course and cause you to lose your focus from My plan and purpose. Stay on the narrow Road and follow Me one step at a time, as I guide and lead you to do My will.

Do not allow your current situation or circumstances to hinder, distract or take you off course. Stay focused on Me and My Kingdom and continue to do My will. I go ahead of you and I will work all things out for good. Believe and trust Me. I will open the right doors at the right time for My plan and purpose.

The devil will always try his utmost best to get you to lose focus and perspective. He will try to hinder, distract and stop you in many different ways, but you must not allow him. Be vigilant, watch and pray. Put on My full armor every day so that you will be able to stand against all the wiles of the devil in this time. He knows his time is running out.  He has destroyed many because they allowed him and he is seeking more to destroy. Do not fall prey to him, give him no foothold at all. Resist him and he will flee. He is defeated not you. Do not allow him to get the upper hand over you, then you will be defeated. Victory is assured in Me. Fight the good fight of faith, without Me you can do nothing.

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