Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Reflection – May 11, 2014

My children, you are My representatives in the world, to reflect Me and My Glory. The world reads you, you must be a living epistle, a reflection of Me and My everlasting Kingdom, that is not of the world. I am King of My Kingdom and no one else and I do not share My Glory with anyone. I am to be glorified.

A reflection of Me and My Glory must be obvious in My children. I live in the hearts of My beloved children, you are a Temple of My Holy Spirit. Therefore you must be holy like Me, for I do not change, but you must all change become like Me.

Let others see a reflection of My Light shining in and through you. Let Me increase but then you must be willing to decrease, so that a reflection of Me, My image can be obvious in your lives. Let Me transform you into My Image, My likeness and all for My Glory.

Some of you My children only have a dim Image of Me. Seek more of Me and I will reveal Myself to you. You will see Me face to face. I am alive. There is no favoritism or discrimination with Me. I reward those who diligently seek Me. 

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