Monday, May 12, 2014

I fix, I restore because I am able – May 13, 2014

My children, do not lose hope or give up on Me and My Kingdom. Be steadfast and keep your focus on Me. Believe and trust Me with all your heart, for who I really am, and for what I am able to do. Do not give doubt any place in your life.

Do not focus on your problems but on Me who is Greater than your problems and able to do what is impossible with people. Let Me have My way. I am able to fix, restore anything and everything. People are limited and restricted because of their own shortcomings and disbelief but I am not. I am Omnipotent, I Reign by My Great Power and Glory.

Do not let anything or anyone stand in your way, come to Me so that I can have My way and your joy can be full in Me. I can fix, restore anything and everything. My Hand is not too short to help, but you must be willing, allow and trust Me. I will work all things out for good. I know My plan and purpose with each and everyone, it is good, but the devil will always try his utmost  to hinder and stop you from coming to Me with all his lies. Resist him, give him no foothold, he is out to destroy. He has destroyed many and is seeking to destroy more. He knows his time is running out. Do not fall prey to him but come to Me for I am able to help. Victory is assured in Me. You are able to overcome because your Savior is able to fix, restore that which is impossible with people. Ask and believe, My will be done. I know best and I do not fail or disappoint. Trust Me.

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