Sunday, May 11, 2014

You can be assured – May 12, 2014

You can be assured My children, that I do not change. I am the same yesterday, today and will be forever. I give signs, do wonders and miracles, because I do not change. I also reveal mysteries and I expose those things that people think that they can hide from Me and from other people. Nothing can be hidden from Me. You are all ever before Me. I see and I hear everything, therefore do not try to hide anything. I know it all. Although many think that they can hide or run away from Me. That is foolishness, rather repent.

You can be assure that My promises do not fail. What I promise I am able to fulfill at the appointed time. Believe and trust Me for who I am and for what I am able to do. I do not fail or disappoint but I am able to do the impossible. I work all things out for good, you can be assure of that. I am no man that I will lie.

Therefore put all your hope and trust in Me and not in fallible men and women, then you will surely be disappointed. That is why many are deceived and do not know Me for real because their hope and trust is in people and not in Me. You can be assured that I reward those who diligently seek Me and I will reveal Myself to them.

You can be assured of My love for you and that I care. Believe and trust Me and do not doubt. Listen, obey and follow Me, one step at a time and I assure you, you will reach your destiny successfully. I am able to complete the good work that I started in you, if you stay with Me until the very end, of that you can be assured.

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