Saturday, May 17, 2014

You must change – May 18, 2014

My children, changes are necessary and good. I do not change but you must all change for good, become like Me, holy, or you will perish. There is no favoritism or discrimination with Me. Yield to My Spirit, do not resist or grieve My Spirit because I will not strive with anyone forever, if they do not want to change. I know every heart.

Be willing to change, become like Me, holy, or you will not see Me nor enter into Heaven. Let no one deceive you. You must be righteous, pure in heart. Repent from all wickedness while you are able and have the time.

Let Me transform you into My likeness. You will not be the same man or woman that you used to be. Surrender to Me. Submit willingly to Me and My authority, let Me change you as I please.

You might be able to change certain things on other people and on yourselves, but you cannot change a person’s heart. Only I am able to change the heart of anyone who comes to Me, who is willing, who wants to be changed into a new person by Me. Many are not willing, they do not want to change. They will perish if they do not change in time. There will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance.

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