Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ask Me, I know – June 30, 2014

My children, you can ask Me anything and about everything, I know it all. I know the end from the beginning. All wisdom and power belongs to Me, without Me you can do nothing. Always glorify Me.

Many think that they can breathe without Me keeping them alive, they are foolish. I am their Creator, although they do not acknowledge Me. I give life and take it again. Life and death are in My Hands. You are all born for a plan and purpose but you must be willing to fulfill your purpose in My everlasting Kingdom.

Ask Me, I know My plan and purpose, I will reveal it to you. Seek from Me and from no one else. I will guide and lead you into My perfect will, every step of the way. My plan and purpose is good. Believe and trust Me, I work all things out for good according to My plan and purpose. My will be done. Submit to Me and My authority and let Me be in control. I do not fail.

Seek Me diligently. Ask Me, I reveal mysteries to those who seek and follow Me, great things, the new and the hidden. Nothing is new or can be hidden from Me. I know them all and I am able to make it known. Ask Me, I know. I am always faithful and trustworthy. Trust Me.

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