Thursday, June 12, 2014

Be humble and not arrogant – June 13, 2014

Be always humble My children, and I will lift you up. I will humble the arrogant because they are an abomination to Me and not pleasing to Me. Do not be deceived. Many are arrogant although they know it is not acceptable or pleasing to Me. If they continue in their arrogance I will humble them in due time. They will be put to shame. There is no favoritism with Me and I do not discriminate. Repent and be always humble.

Choose to be humble, submit to Me and My authority. Deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Me, My way as I guide and lead you, and do My will in My Kingdom.

That is why only a few follow Me, they are the humble ones. They listen and obey Me, but the arrogant do not want to listen and obey Me nor do they want to follow Me. They will bear the consequences if they do not repent in time, humble themselves before Me and follow Me, My way. I am a God of Love but also a Consuming Fire. I judge righteously. I know every heart and all motives. Nothing can be hidden from Me. I will not strive with anyone forever.

Be humble and do not resist or grieve My Spirit like so many do in their arrogance. Do My will and not your own or that of other people. Seek My approval and acceptance only. Humble yourselves before Me and you will not be put to shame. Be always humble before Me.

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